0.6.53 Zed Overhaul

Zed Overhaul Update

Swapping heads and bodies

About 99% of all the zeds in the game have now been redrawn and reworked. The sprite are now split into 4 layers(head, body, pants, eyes) which will allow for more easy variety going forward as seen in the figure above. This will be applied in a future update as I still need to sort and create a system that will swap these smartly since not all heads and bodies can be swapped(for example:of male zeds wearing dresses). About 4 new female zombies were added.


About 99% of all zeds now undergo 3 dismemberment stages as you damage them. Death animations are still in the works as I want to rotate them based on the angle you shot them and need to make some decisions as to how.

Glow in the dark

Balance Changes

  • All guns are now maxed upgraded at start.
  • Buff player hp by +50
  • Buff player inventory from 8 to 10
  • Zeds now move faster when dismembered(experimental)
  • Increased cooldown of special attacks

Bug fixes

  •  BUGFIX: Fixed bug where tall(aka jungle) grass was not playing grass footstep sound
  • CRITICAL BUGFIX: Fixed bug where shell-in reload cancel would cancel forever when holding firing button with 0 mag
  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug where "Mobster Special" was not rendering correctly
  • Other various internal improvements

    ~10 player skins were ported over by MCCCXII and me.


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Version 0.6.67-dev Apr 14, 2023
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Version 0.6.53 Dec 05, 2022

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